MontBlanc Marlene Dietrich Special Edition Limited Edition Rolle
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Montblanc Marlene Dietrich formation was meant to pay tribute to Marlene Dietrich. She became an acclaimed actress of the golden age of Hollywood, a famed entertainer, charismatic singer and vivid archetype for generations.

Marlene Dietrich in the special version of the charm of a woman, beyond her achievements as an actor, left a great asset, which is both timeless and lasting. This version is dedicated to today's generation of women, like the power of Ma Lindi, believe that their dreams.

Ballpoint pen with twist mechanism, barrel made of black precious resin inlaid with Montblanc emblem and mother-of-pearl inlay, platinum-plated rings and clip set with a deep blue sapphire

Product Description

* Barrel: Black precious resin
* Cap: Black precious resin
* Trim: Platinum-plated
* Clip: Platinum-plated clip created like a tie, embellished with a deep blue sapphire
* Special Characteristics: Unique shape conversely twisted changing from round to oval, cap decorated with "Marlene Dietrich" signature, cap top enriched with mother-of-pearl inlay